Where Does Your Money Go?

Your continued financial support of the Poolesville High School Booster Club played an important part in supplementing the Athletic Department’s budget during the 2021-2022 school year.

Item Purchased Amt. from Boosters Sports Benefited
Neptune Music $1,800 Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Wrestling
Vidswap Video Platform $6,500 Field Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Wrestling. Lacrosse
Poms $300 Poms
Poms $300 Cheer
Athletic.net Subscription $175 Cross Country, Track and Field
Field Prep and Maintenance $35,000 Practice fields and Softball and Baseball field prep and maintenance
Soccer Goals $3,000 Soccer
Banners/Update Members for Teams $2,500 Swimming & Diving, Golf, Cross Country, Bocce
Personalized Wraps for Poles and Official’s Stand, Tape Wrap $2,200 Volleyball
24′ Chute $3,600 Football
3 Mats to complete the set to prepare for competition * $4,200 Cheer
Launch Monitor $500 Golf
Ball Cart $250,71 and Ball Bags $325 Basketball
Goal Post Covers $1,300 All Stadium Sports