Team Schedules

3/22Boys Tennisat Churchill 3:30pm
3/22Track and FieldPHS and Clarksburg at Quince Orchard 3:30pm
3/23Boys LacrosseSpringbrook (Varsity 2:30pm/JV 12:30pm)
3/23Boys TennisWalter Johnson 10:00am
3/23Girls Lacrosseat Springbrook (Varsity 2:30pm/JV 1:00pm)
3/23Girls Tennisat Walter Johnson 10:00am
3/23JV BaseballRichard Montgomery (POSTPONED)
3/23JV SoftballRichard Montgomery 2:00pm
3/23Varsity Baseballat Richard Montgomery 2:00pm
3/23Varsity Softballat Richard Montgomery 2:00pm
3/25Boys TennisB-CC 3:30pm
3/25Girls Tennisat B-CC 3:30pm
3/25JV SoftballB-CC 3:45pm
3/25Varsity Softballat B-CC 3:45pm
3/25VolleyballB-CC Coed (5:30pm/Boys 7:00pm)
3/25Girls LacrosseRichard Montgomery (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
3/26Girls TennisChurchill 3:30pm
3/26Boys LacrosseChurchill (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
3/26Girls Lacrosseat Churchill (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
3/26JV BaseballB-CC 3:15pm
3/26Varsity Baseballat B-CC 3:45pm
3/27JV Baseballat Northwest 3:45pm (TENTATIVE)
3/27JV Softballat Northwest 3:45pm (TENTATIVE)
3/27Varsity BaseballNorthwest 3:45pm
3/27Varsity SoftballNorthwest 3:45pm
3/27VolleyballBlair (Boys 4:00pm/Coed 5:45pm)
3/28JV BaseballWhitman 3:45pm
3/28JV SoftballWhitman 3:45pm
3/28Varsity Baseballat Whitman 3:45pm
3/28Varsity Softballat Whitman 3:45pm
3/29Boys Tennisat Quince Orchard 3:30pm
3/29Girls TennisQuince Orchard 3:30pm
3/29JV Softballat Magruder 3:45pm
3/29Volleyballat Watkins Mill (Coed 3:45pm/Boys 5:15pm)
3/30JV Baseballat Magruder 10:00am
3/30Varsity BaseballMagruder 1:00pm
3/30Varsity SoftballMagruder 10:00am
4/1JV Baseballat Watkins Mill 3:45pm
4/1JV Softballat Watkins Mill 3:45pm
4/1Varsity BaseballWatkins Mill 3:45pm
4/1Varsity SoftballWatkins Mill 3:45pm
4/2Boys TennisBlake 3:30pm
4/2Girls Tennisat Blake 3:30pm
4/2Track and FieldPHS and Seneca Valley at Watkins Mill 3:30pm
4/2VolleyballSeneca Valley (Coed 5:30pm/Boys 7:00pm)
4/3Boys Lacrosseat Rockville (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/3Girls LacrosseRockville (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/3JV BaseballSeneca Valley 3:15pm
4/3JV SoftballSeneca Valley 3:45pm
4/3Varsity Baseballat Seneca Valley 3:45pm
4/3Varsity Softballat Seneca Valley 4:45pm
4/4Boys Tennisat Sherwood 3:30pm
4/4Girls TennisSherwood 3:30pm
4/5Boys LacrosseMagruder (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/5Girls Lacrosseat Magruder (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/5JV SoftballBlake 3:45pm
4/5Varsity Softballat Blake 7:00pm
4/6JV BaseballBlake 10:00am
4/6Varsity Baseballat Blake 1:00pm
4/8Boys Tennisat Northwest 3:30pm
4/8Girls TennisNorthwest 3:30pm
4/8VolleyballClarksburg (Boys 5:30pm/Coed 7:00pm)
4/9Track and FieldNorthwest 3:30pm
4/10Boys LacrosseBlair (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/10Boys TennisRockville 3:30pm
4/10Girls Lacrosseat Blair (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/10Girls Tennisat Rockville (at Wood MS) 3:30pm
4/10Volleyballat Quince Orchard (Boys 5:30pm/Coed 7:00pm)
4/11JV Baseballat Rockville 3:45pm
4/11JV Softballat Rockville 3:45pm
4/11Varsity BaseballRockville 3:45pm
4/11Varsity SoftballRockville 3:45pm
4/12Boys LacrosseSeneca Valley (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/12Boys TennisSeneca Valley 3:30pm
4/12Girls Tennisat Seneca Valley (at Clemente MS) 3:30pm
4/13Girls LacrosseSeneca Valley (Varsity 2:30pm/JV 1:00pm)
4/13JV BaseballDamascus 10:00am
4/13JV SoftballDamascus 10:00am
4/13Varsity Baseballat Damascus 2:30pm
4/13Varsity Softballat Damascus 2:30pm
4/15Boys Lacrosseat Damascus (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/15Boys Tennisat Kennedy 3:30pm
4/15Girls LacrosseDamascus (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/15Girls TennisKennedy 3:30pm
4/15VolleyballNorthwest (Boys 5:30pm/Coed 7:00pm)
4/16Track and FieldDamascus 3:30pm
4/23Boys LacrosseBlake (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/23Boys TennisWheaton 3:30pm
4/23Girls Lacrosseat Blake (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/23Girls Tennisat Wheaton (at Loiederman MS) 3:30pm
4/24JV Baseballat Paint Branch 3:45pm
4/24JV Softballat Paint Branch 3:45pm
4/24Varsity BaseballPaint Branch 3:45pm
4/24Varsity SoftballPaint Branch 3:45pm
4/24Volleyballat Damascus (Boys 5:30pm/Coed 7:00pm)
4/25Boys LacrosseClarksburg Varsity 7:15pm
4/25Girls LacrosseClarksburg Varsity 5:30pm
4/26Volleyballat Gaithersburg (Boys 5:30pm/Coed 7:00pm)
4/27JV Baseballat Quince Orchard 10:00am
4/27JV Softballat Quince Orchard 10:00am
4/27Varsity BaseballQuince Orchard 1:00pm
4/27Varsity SoftballQuince Orchard 2:00pm
4/29Boys Tennisat Richard Montgomery 3:30pm
4/29Girls TennisRichard Montgomery 3:30pm
4/29Varsity Baseballat Walter Johnson 3:45pm
4/29Varsity Softballat Walter Johnson 7:00pm
4/29Volleyballat Walter Johnson (Boys 3:45pm/Coed 5:15pm)
4/30Boys Lacrosseat Watkins Mill (Varsity 7:15pm/JV 5:30pm)
4/30Girls LacrosseWatkins Mill (Varsity 7:00pm/JV 5:30pm)
5/1Varsity Softballat Einstein 3:45pm
5/2Varsity Baseballat Einstein 3:45pm
5/3Boys Lacrosseat Northwest (Varsity 7:15pm)
5/3Girls Lacrosseat Northwest (Varsity 5:30pm)
5/4Varsity BaseballSherwood 2:30pm
5/4Varsity SoftballSherwood 2:30pm
5/6Varsity BaseballWootton 5:15pm
5/6Varsity SoftballWootton 5:15pm

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