Team Schedules

11/30Swimming and DivingSherwood at Olney Swim Center 9:15am
12/5Varsity WrestlingRockville 6:15pm
12/5JV WrestlingRockville 7:15pm
12/6Boys Varsity Basketball at Brunswick 7:15pm
12/6Girls Varsity Basketball Brunswick 7:15pm
12/6Boys JV Basketballat Brunswick 5:30pm
12/6Girls JV BasketballBrunswick 5:30pm
12/6Indoor Track MCPS Indoor Track & Field Meet #1 at PG Sportsplex 2:30pm
12/7Swimming and DivingPoolesville and Quince Orchard at Olney Swim Center 7:15pm
12/9Indoor Track AA Mixer (Optional) at PG Sportsplex 4:00pm
12/10Boys Varsity Basketball at B-CC 7:15pm
12/10Girls Varsity Basketball B-CC 7:15pm
12/10Boys JV Basketballat B-CC 5:30pm
12/10Girls JV BasketballB-CC 5:30pm
12/11Varsity Wrestlingat Whitman 6:15pm
12/11JV Wrestlingat Whitman 7:15pm
12/13Boys Varsity Basketball Wheaton 7:15pm
12/13Girls Varsity Basketball at Wheaton 7:15pm
12/13Boys JV BasketballWheaton 5:30pm
12/13Girls JV Basketballat Wheaton 5:30pm
12/14Swimming and DivingNorthwest at Gaithersburg Aquatic Center 9:30am
12/16Indoor Track MCPS Indoor Track & Field Meet #2 at PG Sportsplex 2:30pm
12/17Varsity Wrestlingat Quince Orchard 6:15pm
12/17JV Wrestlingat Quince Orchard 7:15pm
12/18Boys Varsity Basketball Quince Orchard 7:15pm
12/18Girls Varsity Basketball at Quince Orchard 7:15pm
12/18Boys JV BasketballQuince Orchard 5:30pm
12/18Girls JV Basketballat Quince Orchard 5:30pm
12/19Varsity WrestlingSeneca Valley 4:00pm
12/19JV WrestlingSeneca Valley 5:00pm
1/2Girls Varsity Basketball at Rockville 7:15pm
1/2Girls JV Basketballat Rockville 5:30pm
1/3Boys Varsity Basketball Rockville 7:15pm
1/3Boys JV BasketballRockville 5:30pm
1/4Swimming and DivingWootton at Germantown Indoor Swim Center 11:30am
1/7Boys Varsity Basketball at Damascus 7:15pm
1/7Girls Varsity Basketball Damascus 7:15pm
1/7Boys JV Basketballat Damascus 5:30pm
1/7Girls JV BasketballDamascus 5:30pm
1/8Varsity Wrestlingat Northwest 6:15pm
1/8JV Wrestlingat Northwest 7:15pm
1/8Indoor Track MCPS Indoor Track & Field Meet #3 at PG Sportsplex 2:30pm
1/9Boys Varsity Basketball at Watkins Mill 7:15pm
1/9Girls Varsity Basketball Watkins Mill 7:15pm
1/9Boys JV Basketballat Watkins Mill 5:30pm
1/9Girls JV BasketballWatkins Mill 5:30pm
1/11Swimming and DivingDamascus at Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center 11:30am
1/11Indoor Track MCPS Indoor Montgomery Invitational at PG Sportsplex (Athletes may enter at 8am) 9:00am
1/14Varsity WrestlingWheaton 6:15pm
1/14JV WrestlingWheaton 7:15pm
1/15Boys Varsity Basketball Magruder 7:15pm
1/15Girls Varsity Basketball at Magruder 7:15pm
1/15Boys JV BasketballMagruder 5:30pm
1/15Girls JV Basketballat Magruder 5:30pm
1/17Boys Varsity Basketball at Seneca Valley 7:15pm
1/17Girls Varsity Basketball Seneca Valley 7:15pm
1/17Boys JV Basketballat Seneca Valley 5:30pm
1/17Girls JV BasketballSeneca Valley 5:30pm
1/18Swimming and DivingBlair at Martin Luther King Swim Center 9:15am
1/21Boys Varsity Basketball at Damascus 7:15pm
1/21Girls Varsity Basketball Damascus 7:15pm
1/21Boys JV Basketballat Damascus 5:30pm
1/21Girls JV BasketballDamascus 5:30pm
1/22Varsity Wrestlingat Northwood 6:15pm
1/22JV Wrestlingat Northwood 7:15pm
1/22Indoor Track MCPS Indoor Track & Field Championships at PG Sportsplex 2:30pm
1/24Boys Varsity Basketball at Watkins Mill 7:15pm
1/24Girls Varsity Basketball Watkins Mill 7:15pm
1/24Boys JV Basketballat Watkins Mill 5:30pm
1/24Girls JV BasketballWatkins Mill 5:30pm
1/25Swimming and DivingWalter Johnson at Olney Swim Center 11:30am
1/25Varsity WrestlingPoolesville and Watkins Mill at Magruder 1:00pm
1/28Boys Varsity Basketball Northwood 7:15pm
1/28Girls Varsity Basketball at Northwood 7:15pm
1/28Boys JV BasketballNorthwood 5:30pm
1/28Girls JV Basketballat Northwood 5:30pm
1/30Varsity WrestlingPoolesville and Hereford at Winters Mill 4:00pm
1/31Boys Varsity Basketball at Rockville 7:15pm
1/31Girls Varsity Basketball Rockville 7:15pm
1/31Boys JV Basketballat Rockville 5:30pm
1/31Girls JV BasketballRockville 5:30pm
2/1Swimming and DivingDivision II Swimming and Diving Championship
at Germantown Indoor Swim Center 7:30am
2/3Boys Varsity Basketball Northwest 7:15pm
2/3Girls Varsity Basketball at Northwest 7:15pm
2/3Boys JV BasketballNorthwest 5:30pm
2/3Girls JV Basketballat Northwest 5:30pm
2/5Boys Varsity Basketball at Clarksburg 7:15pm
2/5Girls Varsity Basketball Clarksburg 7:15pm
2/5Boys JV Basketballat Clarksburg 5:30pm
2/5Girls JV BasketballClarksburg 5:30pm
2/5Swimming and DivingMetro Swimming and Diving Championship
at Germantown Indoor Swim Center
2/6Varsity WrestlingBlake 6:15pm
2/6Swimming and DivingMetro Swimming and Diving Championship
at Germantown Indoor Swim Center
2/7Swimming and DivingMetro Swimming and Diving Championship
at Germantown Indoor Swim Center
2/7Girls Varsity Basketball Walter Johnson 7:15pm
2/8Swimming and DivingMetro Swimming and Diving Championship
at Germantown Indoor Swim Center
2/11Boys Varsity Basketball at Einstein 5:30pm
2/11Girls Varsity Basketball at Einstein 7:15pm
2/14Boys Varsity Basketball Paint Branch 7:15pm
2/14Girls Varsity Basketball Paint Branch 5:30pm
2/18Boys Varsity Basketball at Sherwood 7:15pm
2/18Girls Varsity Basketball at Sherwood 5:30pm
2/21Boys Varsity Basketball Gaithersburg 7:15pm
2/21Girls Varsity Basketball Gaithersburg 5:30pm

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