Team Schedules


9/20JV Field Hockeyat Northwest 5:30pm
(Rescheduled from 9/17)
9/20GolfBlake, Blair, and Damascus at Poolesville Golf Course 3:30pm
9/20Boys Varsity SoccerWatkins Mill 7:15pm
9/20Girls Varsity Soccerat Watkins Mill 7:15pm
9/20Boys JV SoccerWatkins Mill 5:30pm
9/20Varsity Field Hockeyat Northwest 7:00pm
(Rescheduled from 9/17)
9/20Girls JV Soccerat Watkins Mill 5:30pm
9/21Cross CountryPoolesville and Northwest at Sherwood 3:30pm (Rescheduled from 9/5)
9/21Varsity Footballat Blake 6:30pm
9/22Girls Varsity Soccerat Quince Orchard 12:00pm (Rescheduled from 9/12)
9/22Boys Varsity SoccerSeneca Valley 12:00pm
9/22JV Footballat Blake 10:00am
9/22Boys JV SoccerSeneca Valley 10:15am
9/22Girls JV Soccerat Quince Orchard 10:00am (Rescheduled from 9/12)
9/24Varsity Field HockeyWalter Johnson 7:00pm
9/24JV Field HockeyWalter Johnson 5:30pm
9/25Girls Varsity Volleyballat Clarksburg 6:30pm
9/25Girls JV Volleyballat Clarksburg 5:30pm
9/25Girls JV Soccervs. Seneca Valley (at Poolesville) 5:30pm
9/25Girls Varsity Soccervs. Seneca Valley (at Poolesville) 7:15pm
9/26JV Field Hockeyvs. Seneca Valley (at Poolesville) 5:30pm
9/26Boys JV Soccerat Rockville 5:30pm
9/26Varsity Field Hockeyvs. Seneca Valley (at Poolesville) 7:00pm
9/26Boys Varsity Soccerat Rockville 7:15pm
9/26Cross Countryat Einstein 3:30pm
9/27Girls JV SoccerRockville 5:30pm
9/27Girls JV VolleyballWatkins Mill 5:30pm
9/27Girls Varsity SoccerRockville 7:15pm
9/27GolfBlair, Richard Montgomery, and Clarksburg at Hampshire Greens 3:30pm
9/27Girls Varsity VolleyballWatkins Mill 6:30pm
9/28Varsity FootballDamascus 6:30pm
9/29JV Field Hockeyat Damascus 11:30am
9/29JV FootballDamascus 10:00am
9/29Cross CountryDCXC Invite 10:00am
9/29Varsity Field Hockeyat Damascus 10:00am
10/2Girls Varsity VolleyballDamascus 6:30pm
10/2Varsity Field HockeyWootton 6:00pm
10/2Cross CountryClarksburg 3:00pm
10/2Girls JV VolleyballDamascus 5:30pm
10/3Girls Varsity SoccerBlake 7:15pm
10/3Girls JV SoccerBlake 5:30pm
10/4Girls Varsity Volleyballat Gaithersburg 6:30pm
10/4Boys JV Soccerat Damascus 5:30pm
10/4Boys Varsity Soccerat Damascus 7:15pm
10/4Girls JV Volleyballat Gaithersburg 5:30pm
10/5JV Field Hockeyat Quince Orchard 5:15pm
10/5Varsity Field Hockeyat Quince Orchard 3:45pm
10/5Varsity Footballat Rockville 6:30pm
10/6JV Footballat Rockville 10:00am
10/6Girls JV SoccerDamascus 12:30pm
10/6Girls Varsity SoccerDamascus 2:30pm
10/8JV Field HockeyWatkins Mill 5:30pm
10/8Varsity Field HockeyWatkins Mill 7:00pm
10/8GolfDamascus, Einstein, Poolesville and Clarksburg at Rattlewood Golf Course 3:00pm
10/9Girls JV Volleyballat Quince Orchard 5:30pm
10/9Boys JV SoccerGaithersburg 5:15pm
10/9Girls JV SoccerGaithersburg 3:45pm
10/9Girls Varsity Volleyballat Quince Orchard 6:30pm
10/10JV Field HockeyMagruder 5:30pm
10/10Varsity Field HockeyMagruder 7:00pm
10/10Girls Varsity Soccerat Clarksburg 5:15pm
10/10Boys Varsity Soccerat Clarksburg 7:15pm
10/11Girls Varsity VolleyballNorthwood 6:30pm
10/11Girls JV VolleyballNorthwood 5:30pm
10/11Varsity Footballvs. Seneca Valley (at Gaithersburg) 7:00pm
10/11JV Footballvs. Seneca Valley (at Gaithersburg) 3:30pm
10/12Girls Varsity SoccerKennedy 5:15pm
10/12Boys Varsity SoccerKennedy 7:15pm
10/13Cross CountryFrank Keyser Invite at Boonsboro 8:00am
10/15Boys Varsity Soccerat Gaithersburg 6:00pm
10/15Girls Varsity SoccerGaithersburg 6:00pm
10/15Varsity Field Hockeyat Blake 6:00pm
10/16Girls JV Volleyballat Rockville 5:30pm
10/16Girls Varsity Volleyballat Rockville 6:30pm
10/17Varsity Field Hockeyat Springbrook 6:00pm
10/18Girls Varsity Soccerat Paint Branch 5:15pm
10/18Boys Varsity Soccerat Paint Branch 7:15pm
10/18Girls Varsity Volleyballat Whitman 6:00pm
10/19Varsity FootballWatkins Mill 6:30pm
10/20Cross CountryGeorgetown Prep Classic 8:00am
10/20JV FootballWatkins Mill 10:00am
10/23Girls Varsity VolleyballWalter Johnson 6:00pm
10/25Girls Varsity VolleyballWheaton 6:00pm
10/26JV Footballat Magruder 3:30pm
10/26Varsity Footballat Magruder 7:00pm
10/27Cross CountryMCPS Championships at Bohrer Park, Gaithersburg 12:00pm
11/1Cross CountryClass 2A West Regional at Liberty 3:00pm
11/2Varsity FootballManchester Valley 6:30pm

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