Team Schedules

9/19Girls JV VolleyballQuince Orchard 5:30pm
9/19JV Football Rockville 5:45pm
9/19Girls Varsity Volleyball Quince Orchard 6:30pm
9/20Varsity Football Rockville 6:30pm
9/21Cross CountryPoolesville Day 5K 7:00am
9/21Cross CountryBull Run Invitational at Hereford 12:30pm
9/23Girls JV Volleyballat Seneca Valley 5:30pm
9/23Girls Varsity Volleyball at Seneca Valley 6:30pm
9/24Girls JV SoccerSeneca Valley 5:30pm
9/25Girls JV VolleyballWatkins Mill 5:30pm
9/24Girls Varsity Soccer Seneca Valley 7:15pm
9/25Cross CountryPoolesville and Clarksburg at Northwest 3:00pm
9/26JV Football vs. Seneca Valley (at Gaithersburg) 3:30pm
9/25Boys JV Soccervs. Seneca Valley (at Poolesville) 5:30pm
9/25Girls Varsity Volleyball Watkins Mill 6:30pm
9/25Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Seneca Valley (at Poolesville) 7:15pm
9/26JV Field HockeySeneca Valley 5:30pm
9/26Varsity Football vs. Seneca Valley (at Gaithersburg) 6:30pm
9/26Varsity Field HockeySeneca Valley 7:00pm
9/27Boys JV SoccerWatkins Mill 5:30pm
9/27Boys Varsity Soccer Watkins Mill 7:15pm
9/28Cross Country Wildcat Invitational at Williamsport 10:00am
9/28Varsity Field Hockeyat Gaithersburg 10:00am
9/28Girls JV Soccerat Watkins Mill 10:15am
9/28JV Field Hockeyat Gaithersburg 11:30am
9/28Girls Varsity Soccer at Watkins Mill 12:00pm
10/1GolfWatkins Mill, Seneca Valley and Northwood at Laytonsville 3:30pm
10/1Cross CountryRichard Montgomery 3:30pm
10/1Girls JV Volleyballat Northwest 3:45pm
10/1Girls Varsity Volleyball at Northwest 4:45pm
10/1JV Field Hockeyat Northwest 5:30pm
10/1Varsity Field Hockeyat Northwest 7:00pm
10/2JV Football at South Carroll 4:00pm
10/2Boys JV Soccerat Magruder 5:30pm
10/2Girls JV SoccerMagruder 5:30pm
10/3Girls Varsity Volleyball Damascus 6:30pm
10/2Boys Varsity Soccer at Magruder 7:15pm
10/2Girls Varsity Soccer Magruder 7:15pm
10/3Girls JV VolleyballDamascus 5:30pm
10/3JV Field HockeyClarksburg 5:30pm
10/3Varsity Field HockeyClarksburg 7:00pm
10/4Boys JV SoccerBlake 5:30pm
10/4Girls JV Soccerat Blake 5:30pm
10/4Varsity Football at South Carroll 7:00pm
10/4Boys Varsity Soccer Blake 7:15pm
10/4Girls Varsity Soccer at Blake 7:15pm
10/7Girls JV Volleyballat Gaithersburg 5:30pm
10/7Boys Varsity Soccer Damascus 6:00pm
10/7Girls Varsity Soccer at Damascus 6:00pm
10/7Girls Varsity Volleyball at Gaithersburg 6:30pm
10/8Varsity Field Hockeyat Whitman 3:45pm
10/10Girls JV VolleyballClarksburg 5:30pm
10/10Girls Varsity Volleyball Clarksburg 6:30pm
10/10JV Field HockeyWalter Johnson 5:30pm
10/10Varsity Field HockeyWalter Johnson 7:00pm
10/11Varsity Football Magruder 6:30pm
10/12JV Football Magruder 10:00am
10/12Cross Country Georgetown Prep Classic 8:00am
10/14Varsity Field Hockeyat Richard Montgomery 5:00pm
10/15Girls JV Volleyballat Northwood 5:30pm
10/14Girls Varsity Soccer at Quince Orchard 5:15pm
10/14Boys Varsity Soccer at Quince Orchard 7:15pm
10/15Girls Varsity Volleyball at Northwood 6:30pm
10/16Varsity Field HockeyMagruder 6:00pm
10/17Boys Varsity Soccer Churchill 5:15pm
10/17Girls Varsity Soccer Churchill 7:15pm
10/18Varsity Football Walter Johnson 6:30pm
10/19Cross Country MCPS Championships at Bohrer Park 8:00am
10/19JV Football Walter Johnson 10:00am
10/22Girls Varsity Volleyball Churchill 6:00pm
10/24Girls Varsity Volleyball at Wheaton 6:00pm
10/25JV Football at Centennial 4:00pm
10/25Varsity Football at Centennial 7:00pm
10/31Cross Country Maryland Class 2A West Regional at Liberty 3:00pm
11/9Cross Country Maryland Class 2A State Championships at Hereford 8:00am