About Us

Our Mission

The Poolesville High School (PHS) Booster Club’s mission is to support student-athletes, coaches, parents, and the community in their pursuit of athletics. We aim to foster a positive and spirited environment that inspires all PHS athletic programs.

The Booster Club is a volunteer organization and all efforts are made possible through fundraising. Volunteers lead by example and we stand behind a strong moral character and good sportsmanship to promote a winning school spirit, and team unity, and encourage attendance.

Why Join the Booster Club?

The PHS Booster Club is a group of dedicated parents and staff whose goal is to enrich our PHS athletic program. By providing financial support to athletic programs through fundraising we help to ensure our athletes and coaching staff pursue their goals in a safe and valued environment.

In addition to financial support, the Booster Club promotes participation in high school athletics as a tool to provide opportunities to build and strengthen relationships between students, coaches, staff, parents, and the Poolesville community. We strive to support athletic and academic growth and maintain the history and tradition of excellence for all student-athletes at PHS.

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